Chris Drummonds

Datpiff Adventures

In Funny stuff on April 5, 2013 at 9:54 am

Sup everybody. I want to say this right off the back; this post was inspired by the Where’s My 40 Acres Podcast crew. On their latest podcast, they did a search on Datpiff to find the most horrid, ratchet mixtape pictures. So, I decided to do my own search and found a couple of decent ones.

 AMPD_Don_Ampd_Don-front-large Benji_Byrd_Morroe_Cocaine_Dreams-front-large Cash_Left_4_Cash_Vol2-front-large Don_Bennett_The_Don_And_Bennett_Ep-front-large Jerrel_Features_From_Spadez_CPitt_Phlo_Deli_S-front-large The_Converse_Kid_Cocaine_Converse_2_Con-tro-verse-front-large

Well, there you have it. Until next time, peace!


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